Mark's Florida Live Rock and Corals Where we carry only the best hand selected and collected Live Rock any where. From Florida aquacultured rock to Fiji and Tonga Branch rock. From Live corals to large assortments of inverabrates.

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 Welcome to Mark's Florida Live Rock and Corals. Where the rock is always better than Fiji live rock.

In the early 1990's the state of Florida placed a ban on the collection of wild Florida Live Rock. The live rock that I sell is aquacultured live rock. What does aquacultured mean? It's where land based limestone is placed on the ocean floor near a reef. Over time letting the inhabitants from the reef to move over and start to grow on the limestone that has been placed on the aquaculture farm on the ocean floor.

There are a few different types of live rock that I sell.

Coralline rock which is mostly covered with different colors of coralline algae different types of macro algaes.

Premium coralline rock which is covered in coralline algae and has many different things such as, macro algae, angel wing clams, Florida star corals, many different color sponges and much more.

Deco top shelf live rock which is covered in angel wing clams, star coral, open face cup coral, sponge of many colors, macro algae, feather dusters, christmas worms, lots of incusting coralline algae and much more.

Live sand the best stuff ever filled with tons of copepods, coralline algae can also be found in the sand.

Pricing and instock changes week from week. For phone orders please call (813) 956-9851 and ask for Mark if no one answers please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

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